GrowNut Nutritional solution for Early Childhood Development

The first 1000 days 

  1. The pregnant mother will benefit from the consumption GrowNut during the last trimester of her pregnancy to give birth to a healthy and well-grown baby.

2. The newborn will consume the peanut protein via the breast milk of the mother.

3. GrowNut is palatable with a natural taste and is ideal to wean the infant with the 17% protein porridge.

4. The toddler can be well developed by the age of two by eating GrowNut porridge.

What is stunting

Research shows that 27% of South African children are stunted, Biology Foundations laid during the first few years of life fundamentally shape a persons lifelong physical and mental progress and potential. the first 1000 days in a child’s life are crucial to this potential. Stunting is a sign that a child’s growth and development is not progressing as it should.  a child who is stunted shows reduced cognitive, most unlikely to finish school and most likely to suffer from obesity and chronic illnesses.

This impaired growth and development which children experience are caused by malnutrition and psychosocial stimulation. one of the ways to prevent stunting is good nutrition with enough protein.