Food is not Enough

Without the essential amino Acids

of Peanut Protein

A quarter of SA's children

suffer from Stuntingcaused by lack of protein

Benefits of Peanut Protein

It contains 9 essential amino acids plus natural vitamins & minerals High protein – 48% – NB for development during the first 1000 days after birth, Easy to digest, Low in fat, Boosts your metabolism and High in energy  which makes it ideal for an active lifestyle


Protein is a crucial deficiency in stunted children, South Africa, and most first world countries don’t have a wasting problem but the stunting problem is enormous, The first 1000 days after birth is crucial for the development of the child’s brain and physical abilities.


Gronut shares AFGRI’s vision to be a significant role player in the continent’s food security, Gronut has access to a new high oleic peanut cultivar with 20 ha  planted for seed production

What is stunting

Stunting is a condition that arises from prolonged lack of protein and it affects physical and brain development. It’s defined as shortness in height for a child’s age and it can only be diagnosed by comparing the child’s zero measurements to standardized growth charts. The protein consumption is crucial for  the first 1000 days after conception to prevent the stunting effect that is irreversible

About Us

Telling the story of how the product called Grow Nut has been developed over the past three years, can’t be done without thanking a few people, My wife and our

four children, although sometimes they didn’t understand, they always supported me through tough times.

We specialize in Ready to use Supplement foods, GrowNut, A Peanut/Maize Blend  has been developed at the extrusion laboratory of the North West University(NWU) on a twin-screw extruder

manufactured by the NWU spin-off company CFAM Technologies (Pty) Ltd. which seems to be the best solution to combat stunting because of its high level of protein.

  • Crafted with love

    Gronut would like to join the GROW GREAT ZERO STUNTING campaign to end stunting by the year 2030

    GrowNut is palatable with a natural peanut taste and contains 17% protein that is ideal to wean an infant at the age of six months

  • By Nature

    Peanuts are non-GMO and are organically grown without any fertilizer because they can fix nitrogen from the air.

    Peanut plants are drought resistant and fold its leaves together during a dry spell to prevent transpiration.  After a rain, it flours and makes pots in the ground to produce healthy peanuts

  • The Manufacturing Process

    Selected peanuts are cold pressed to expel the peanut oil that is used as cooking oil or used to manufacture Bio-Diesel.

    The peanut cake contains 48% protein and is blended with maize before extrusion where the blend is pre-cooked and sterilized.

    Vitamins and minerals are added to the blend before packaging.

  • GrowNut Consumption

    GrowNut is ideal to be used in rural areas by just adding boiled water or milk to prepare a nutritional meal

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